Bodies and Figures


Curime Batliner

Jose David

Burcin Nalinci

Inspired by Escher’s geometric studies, first part of the project looks at the transformation limits of a single primitive. We investigated figure-ground relationships through nesting, adjacency, and interlocking by studying the parametric qualities of a hexagon. While the geometric patterns have a fluid internal logic, they assemble a coherent pattern due to static anchor points between adjacent boundaries. By stabilizing the boundaries through the sheet-forming process, we are able to then internally animate each form independently from one another. This allows us to exploit the full potential of a gradient changing pattern, while evoking the viewers curiosity.

Coherency is studied in the large system through optimized adjacencies that interlock the units. This logic became a play between (adjacency)contact-stability and (aperture)absence of touch – light transmittance. Parameterizing the distribution between the length of adjacency and length of aperture relative to each other, allowed for fine-tuning the form of the hexagon. While minimizing the area of direct contact for overall stability in the system we then introduced the area of absence. Hexagon is first divided into 6 equal parts from its center to 60degree apart corners. 6 corners are then split into two groups by 120 degree sets. First set of 3 corners of the hexagon looks at apertures in respond to light through a corner transformation. The initial corner point is displaced towards the centroid relative to the intensity of light that is desired to be transmitted. The gradient of aperture size yields to a wide range of light transmitted trough the parameterized displacement vectors from the initial corner point to the center point of the hexagon.

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